To greatly assist all discerning Australian and International
lovers of peanuts and peanut products we have
included this convenient fully secured facility

You are warmly invited to examine our comprehensive selection of peanuts raw, roasted and flavored along with our peanut butter selection.

Note: Regulations prohibit the on-line distribution/freight of any peanut oils or peanut ice cream. These are only available from our retail showroom.

Tally your quantities ordered to calculate the weight to determine the packaging and postage costs, then simply add that monetary figure to your order.

Our professional team will process your order and dispatch it promptly then enjoy

Australian Distribution Costs:
Up to 2.8 kg Add $13.00 to the cart/ order
Over 2.8 kg Add $22.50 to the cart/ order
Over 4.8kg P.O.A
International Distribution Charges P.O.A.

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